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Special Collection

Doctoral Research: Learning in an Open World

Collection launched: 11 Sep 2019

Learning in the 21st century has been undergoing subtle and radical transformation as a result of the impact of digital, networked technologies. Under these conditions, open learning can support learners across the globe by providing unprecedented access to information and education. However, it is not the technologies themselves that represent the most significant changes, but rather the opportunities for openness that flow from their thoughtful application through the availability of and access to formal and informal learning. Yet without supporting research to drive the direction of these opportunities, issues related to exclusion and fair access may negatively impact such educational changes. Doctoral research provides unique opportunities to explore topics impacting open learning in new and innovative ways. We believe the research produced by doctoral students provides important insights. Yet there is often a lack of publishing opportunities for doctoral students to demonstrate their work, particularly work still in progress.

In this collection we present five full papers demonstrating these overarching values of doctoral research in education and education technologies. We also include four ‘works-in-progress’, written by doctoral researchers in earlier stages of their project development. These papers collectively represent an important avenue for learning about cutting-edge research by doctoral researchers, which is not often available in such a public format.

Guest Editors:Francisco Iniesto, Garron Hillaire, Jenna Mittelmeier