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Special Collection

Distance learning, openness and educational technology

Collection launched: 10 Apr 2015
This special collection consists of invited papers from the Regius symposium held at the Open University as part of the annual conference of the Computers and Learning Research group. This group was founded in 1978 and has driven research in educational technology for more than thirty years. The papers focus on the link between openness, learning design and educational outcomes. In this issue, the theme of open education is explored by four complementary papers Mike Sharples and colleagues write on ?Mobile and Accessible Learning for MOOCs.? Martin Weller then presents a critical examination of the arguments and discourse which have surrounded the discussion of MOOCs. Eileen Scanlon, Patrick McAndrew and Tim O?Shea explore the links between educational technology, human computer interaction and design for learning. The final paper in this special issue by Ann Jones addresses the important question of what role informal contexts for learning can play in supporting language learning.