Citation Details: Littlejohn, A. and Buckingham Shum, S. (2003). (Eds.) Reusing Online Resources (Special Issue) Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2003 (1). ISSN:1365-893X []
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Published: 28 April, 2003

Editors: Allison Littlejohn & Simon Buckingham Shum [email]

JIME Special Issue - Commentary and Debate on:

Reusing Online Resources: A Sustainable Approach to eLearning

Edited by Allison Littlejohn, Kogan Page, London. ISBN 0749439491 []

Welcome to this Special Issue of the Journal of Interactive Media in Education, which is 'reusing' the Reusing Online Resources book as the point of departure for online discussion. [Jump to Contents]. It is interesting to consider how much activity has grown since JIME's Special Issue on Educational Authoring Tools and the Educational Object Economy in 1998. There is clearly a broader consensus on standards emerging, but what progress has there been on the fundamental ideas and infrastructure? This book and special issue are therefore a timely milestone to reflect. You will find expert contributions, grounded in technical and pedagogical experience, critiquing and refining the assumptions behind the idea of reusable learning resources.

The issue is organised as follows:

  • the book's opening chapter by the editor, introducing seven key issues for reusable resources;

  • invited introductions to the book's four sections - theory, design, resource and strategy perspectives - by leading educational technologists;

  • an invited commentary on each chapter written for this Special Issue to open critical discussion...

  • ...which can continue in the discussion area for each chapter, where authors, commentators and the wider community are invited to post their own views on the book and commentaries.

We hope that you find this a valuable companion to the book, and welcome your participation in advancing the debate in this field, one which is seeing much activity, but also provoking strong reactions.

Allison Littlejohn & Simon Buckingham Shum

Special Issue Editors


Chapter 1: Issues in Reusing Online Resources
Allison Littlejohn

Part 1: Vision and Theoretical Perspectives - Introduction by Terry Mayes

Chapter 2: Granularisation
Charles Duncan

Commentary: David Nicol

Chapter 3: Keeping the Learning in Learning Objects
Dan Rehak and Robin Mason

Commentary: Symeon Retalus

Chapter 4: Engaging with the Learning Object Economy
Lorna Campbell

Commentary: Denise Whitelock

Chapter 5: Combining re-Usable Learning Resources to Pedagogical Purposeful Units of Learning
Rob Koper

Commentary: Dai Griffiths and Rocio Garcia

Chapter 6: Models for Open Learning
Katie Livingston-Vale and Philip Long

Commentary: Ramesh Sharma

Part 2: Design Perspectives - Introduction by David Wiley

Chapter 7: Reusable Educational Software: A Basis for Generic e-learning Tasks
Diana Laurillard and Patrick McAndrew

Commentary: Peter Sloep

Chapter 8: Pedagogical Designs for Scaleable and Sustainable Online Learning
Ron Oliver and Catherine McLoughlin

Commentary: Tom Carey

Chapter 9: Designing for Reuse and Versioning
Mary Thorpe Chris Kubiak and Keir Thorpe

Commentary: Tom Carey and Kevin Harrigan

Chapter 10: Developing and Reusing Accessible Content and Applications
Jutta Treviranus and Judy Brewer

Commentary: Simon Ball and Sharon Perry

Part 3: Resource Perspectives - Introduction by Mark Stiles

Chapter 11: Digital Libraries and Repositories
Charles Duncan and Cuna Ekmekioglu

Commentary: Ed Walker

Chapter 12: Learning Technology Interoperability Standards
Oleg Liber and Bill Olivier

Commentary: Ed Walker

Chapter 13: Use and Reuse of Digital Images in Teaching and Learning
Grainne Conole, Jill Evans and Ellen Sims

Commentary: Tom Vreeland

Chapter 14: Assessing Question Banks
Joanna Bull and James Dalziel

Commentary: Tom Vreeland

Chapter 15: Sharing and Re-Use of Learning Resources Across a Trans-National Network
Joachim Wetterling and Betty Collis

Commentary: Ramesh Sharma

Part 4: Strategic Perspectives - Introduction: by Gilly Salmon

Chapter 16: Identifying the Complexity of Factors in the Sharing and Reuse of Resources
Carmel McNaught

Commentary: Martin Oliver (also covers Chap. 18)

Chapter 17: A Comparison of Issues in Reuse of Resources in Schools and Colleges
Allison Littlejohn, Insung Jung and Liz Broumley

Commentary: Terry Anderson

Chapter 18: An Incremental Approach to Staff Development in the Reuse of Learning Resources
Allison Littlejohn

Commentary: Martin Oliver (also covers Chap. 16)

Chapter 19: Reuse of Resources within Communities of Practice
Rachel Harris and Carol Higgison

Commentary: Terry Anderson

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