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Published for closed peer review
May 20, 2000

Published for open peer review
Aug 17-30 Sept, 2000

Submission to Jnl. Interactive Media in Education: PrePrint under review

Scholarly Rhetoric in Digital Media
(or: Now that we have the technology, what do we do with it?)

Bruce Douglas Ingraham

Teaching Fellow, Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Teesside, Middlesbrough, UK

Abstract: This article addresses the hypothesis that scholarly argument as it is presently pursued is mediated through print; but the advent of modern ICT offers alternative media to support scholarly publication. However, few academics have much expertise with these media. Accordingly, if this technology is to be fully exploited the academic community will need to acquire such expertise and this may have significant implications or the way in which scholarly argument is constructed. This hypothesis is addressed from a rhetorical perspective and consideration is given to what the impact of alternative publication media may be on the structure of scholarly argument.

Keywords: Rhetoric, hypertext, multimedia, scholarly discourse

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