Reusing Resources - Open for Learning Special Issue

A selection of five chapters written for the book 'Reusing Open Resources: Learning in Open Networks for Work, Life and Education (Littlejohn and Pegler, 2014).

Table of Contents


Editorial: Introduction to Reusing Resources: Open for Learning HTML PDF
Ann Jones, Martin Weller
Reusing Resources: Open for Learning HTML PDF
Allison Littlejohn, Chris Pegler


Agoraphobia and the modern learner HTML PDF
Jon Dron, Terry Anderson
“Open-sourcing” personal learning HTML PDF
Sebastian H. D. Fiedler
OER: A European policy perspective HTML PDF
Jesús Maria Alquézar Sabadie, Jonatan Castaño Muñoz, Yves Punie, Christine Redecker, Riina Vuorikari
Workplace Learning in Informal Networks HTML PDF
Colin Milligan, Allison Littlejohn, Anoush Margaryan
Analytics for Education HTML PDF
Sheila MacNeill, Lorna M. Campbell, Martin Hawksey
The Structure and Characteristics of #PhDChat, an Emergent Online Social Network PDF HTML
Kasey C. Ford, George Veletsianos, Paul Resta
Developing an Open Resource Bank for Interactive Teaching of STEM: Perspectives of school teachers and teacher educators PDF HTML
Bjoern Hassler, Sara Hennessy, Simon Knight, Teresa Connolly

Book and eBook Reviews

Book review:Technology-enhanced professional learning: process, practices and tools. London & New York: Routledge (Edited by Alison Littlejohn and Anoush Margaryan, 2014) HTML PDF
Steve Walker

ISSN: 1365-893X